90 Day Disciple Making Challenge: Appendix B


Appendix B: How to Talk with People on Your Prayer Calendar

After you have set up your Prayer Calendar, call, SMS or email the person who’s name is next to today’s date. Tell them that they are on your Prayer Calendar for that specific day and that you are going to pray for them during that day. Ask if there is anything specific that you can pray for. If you call them, ask if you can pray for them as you speak to them. If it is an email (or SMS), send them your prayer.

The purpose is not for you to ask for prayer, but surely they will ask you what they can pray for. Be specific. You will learn in the process for what and how to pray based on prayer requests. We encourage people to mention two or three things that will help you to pray more often for them.

Follow up! In the following month when you contact them again, ask if God had answered their prayers. Most people ask for prayer but never praise the Lord for how He answers!

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