Ons verheerlik God, volg Jesus en maak Dissipels

90 Day Disciple Making Challenge: Appendix E


Appendix E: Four Critical Conversations

1. Relaxed Conversations

This is simple, superficial conversations, e.g. what is your favourite movie or where did you went to school?

2. Meaningful Conversations

This is deeper than the surface; important discussions that affect your life. E.g. your health, parenting, life dreams, marriage, your job.

3. Spiritual Conversations

These conversations usually include topics or questions regarding religion, your faith, God, the afterlife and disbelief.

4. Invitation to Discovery Bible Study (DBS)

This comes out in the middle of a conversation when you see that the person has a question or the person might be open to discover God through the Bible.

Take note in your daily conversations what kind of conversations you have, how you came to it and what opportunities you had to go to a deeper level. Start now to continuously have relaxed conversations and see if they progress to a deeper level. Do not force it, it should be a natural transition. It should become a lifestyle.

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