90 Day Disciple Making Challenge: Appendix G


Appendix G: Salty Speech

The phrase “Salty Speech” (Col. 4:6) refers to interaction and communication with lost people in such a way that they see you as a safe, spiritual person. It includes three aspects

  1. To stay away from “religious” or “church” language.
  2. To talk in such a way that people see you as safe and open.
  3. To talk in such a way that people can see that you care and believe.

To develop salty discussions, you must:

  • Listen: When people talk, listen to their questions, concerns, fears, uncertainties, hopes and thoughts.
  • Consider: Reflect their pain, concerns and questions and how you can respond in such a way that will result in even more discussions.
  • Communication: Do not try to give answers. Enter in a dialogue with them; use phrases that show you spiritual, open and safe.

As you begin to add salty discussions to your conversations (see Appendix E – Day 6), take notes and consider what has worked or not worked and why it did not work.

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