90 Day Disciple Making Challenge: Day 66


Day 66:

Call today’s prayer partner.

Read the following story from Caleb, one of our coaches.

A friend of mine, an acquaintance actually, had been following my “story” on Facebook. He knew that I had planted a church, I actually invited him several times and each time he gave me the gentle no “yea, I’ll see if I can make it”, he knew I spent a year in California, and now knew i was back doing “something different.”

We ran into each other at In-n-out and he asked me what I was doing now.

I said, “City renewal, partnerships/training, and I’m helping people discover God.”

He said, “I tried to read the Bible the other day but it didn’t make sense and I don’t know where to start.”

me- “I have a group that meets periodically to simply see what God says in the Bible, you can come”

Him- “Nope, I’m not going to a church thing”

me- (fighting the urge to tell him it wasn’t necessarily a church thing) “Cool, well do this. Take a sheet of paper and put 3-columns on it. Label each column: His Words, My Words, Change. In the ‘His Words’ column write out the scripture, in the ‘My Words’ column retell the passage on your own words, and in the ‘Change’ column write what you need to change in life if this was true.”

Him- “dude, thanks….where do I start?”

me- “try doing Gen 1, 2, 3, & 6 for the first month, then hit me up on FB and let me know how its going”

**3 weeks later

In a text: “Dammit Caleb, this book is changing me”

Email (gerhard@logos.org.za) or call me (0828041251) and let me know your thoughts. How can this story help you apply some of the things you’ve been learning during our 90 Day Disciple Making Challenge?


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