90 Day Disciple Making Challenge: Day 71


Day 71:

Call today’s prayer partner.

Read the following story from Caleb, one of our coaches:

6:30 on a Sunday morning I walk into a Starbucks to read. It was rainy outside and I just wanted to enjoy it. As I am standing in line to order I see a young couple flirting, laughing, and talking. I notice they were married. After I ordered I went over to them and said “I usually don’t do this but, its really encouraging to see you guys laughing and having a good time. I went through a tough breakup and its encouraging to see couples up this early pursuing each other.” They said “thank you” and I went and sat down.

After about 20 minutes they came over and said “So we feel like we lied to you, we’ve been married for 6 years but separated for 4 months. Our counsellor told us to try new things. We both hate waking up early and coffee. So we decided to come when Starbucks opened and drink an entire cup of coffee before we could leave. So we’ve been laughing about how much this sucks”

I laughed and said “Well, as long as you keep pursuing each other and know that marriage is a bigger story than just you two, you will be fine”

They asked “What do you mean.”

I invited them to sit down and we began to discuss marriage, people, and the gospel.

After about an hour I said I had to go (kind of lie but I wanted to see if they would “stick”). I invited them to meet me again and have more conversations if they wanted. I gave them my contact info and left.

A few days later they emailed me asking me to meet up and said they had 2 other couples struggling with the same thing. So now I am waiting for a time when we will meet up again.


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