90 Day Disciple Making Challenge: Day 57


Day 57:

Call today’s prayer partner.

Read the following story:

I go to LA Fitness 3-4 times a week about 6:30am. I had made small talk with a guy but nothing long or profound. One day he came in looking exhausted so I said “Dude, you looked whipped.”

He said “Yea, didn’t get to sleep until late and have been travelling a lot”

I said “You want to work out together and push each other”


As we were working out I asked him what he did for a living

“Financial analyst, you?”

“I do three things, city renewal, trainings & partnerships, and help people discover God”

“What the hell does that mean?”

“Which one?”

“All of them?”

So I explained the first two and then stopped.

He responded “and the third one”

“Basically God has revealed himself in some really cool ways to me, so I allow space for people to ask questions about God”

“Like what?”

“Well, what’s a question you have about God?”

Immediately he said, “Why did he kill my brother?”

**We then discussed the nature of God and life for the next 30 minutes. After we had worked out for an hour I said “We’ve had some pretty deep talks and you just met me. Why don’t you go talk through this stuff with someone you know and trust and if you want to we can talk again soon.”

“OK, when can we meet?”

“You tell me…”

“Next Tuesday, 6:30 at Starbucks”

“See you then, and bring whoever you want.”

**When I show up at Starbucks, he had brought 3 other people. We had spiritual conversations for the next hour. At the end of the hour I said “OK guys, we’ve talked about God for the last hour but we haven’t let him talk. That’s like me asking your ex-wife about you or asking your daughter who you just bought a car for about you. I would not get an accurate depiction of you. So if you are comfortable, next week lets read a passage from scripture and then discuss it.” They all agreed. I told them to invite whoever and see them next week.

When I showed up the following week there were 15 people. We opened up scripture and I did a verbal (non formal) DBS with them.


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