90 Day Disciple Making Challenge: Day 78


Day 78:

Call today’s prayer partner.

Read the following story:

After meeting with a group for a little over 6 weeks, Allison had a lot of outside influences and one Christian in the group pushing her to “hurry up and get to the Gospel.” She would laugh it off and tell them “we’ll get there” but deep down was kind of affected by their persistence, often wondering if they should move forward and skip a few weeks.

Then, during her DBS over the story of Abraham. When discussing the story and things they noticed, one of them said “seems like God really cares about sacrifice. He is always asking us to give stuff up.”

Allison was reassured of the bigger picture of why we walk them through 26 weeks. It was exciting to see the glimpse of what it will be like when they see that Jesus gave everything up for them.

In what was has the 90 Day Challenge helped you overcome doubt as you’ve worked to develop the habits of a disciple maker?


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