Ons verheerlik God, volg Jesus en maak Dissipels

90 Day Disciple Making Challenge: Day 2


Day 2:

Call today’s prayer partner. (Keep track of their prayer requests because you are going to contact them in 30 days again.)

Divide a piece of paper into three columns. Title the columns ‘Old Hobbies,’ ‘Current Hobbies,’ and ‘Potential Hobbies.’ Think about past hobbies, current hobbies, and hobbies you may want to try in the future and list them in the appropriate column.

Pick one hobby you want to focus on for the next 90 days that will create a natural space for you to meet people who do not know Jesus. Make a plan to get started on that hobby and be around lost people this week.

Don’t worry about ‘sharing the Gospel.’ Just enjoy the hobby and the company.


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