Ons verheerlik God, volg Jesus en maak Dissipels

Accelerate Training

Accelerate training is training in the “ART OF DISCIPLEMAKING”

It is basic training for all our leaders.  In Matthew 28:16-20 God tells us to make disciples. The implication is that these disciples would also make disciples.

As believers obey Christ, we are to train men and women to be contagious

Disciple makers who:

  • Pray
  • Engage lost communities
  • Find persons of Peace
  • (the ones God has prepared to receive the Gospel in a community for the first time)
  • Help them discover Jesus through Discovery Groups
  • Baptize new believers
  • Help them become communities of faith, and
  • Mentor emerging leaders

We are serious in becoming Disciplemakers and we still have so much to learn.  This training is the jumpstart for wherever you have been called to serve!